Map Instructions

When you enter any of the map pages in the mapping portal, you'll see content that looks like:

For More Detail: Click Here

For access to the map data: Click Here

Important Map Controls:

Layer Chooser (Upper left corner): Allows you to turn select layers on and off in the map. Click on this button and a list of layers available in this map will drop down for selection.

Pan: Scroll side to side and up and down within the map by dragging clicking the left mouse button in the map. You can also use the direction arrows in the top left corner of the map.

Zoom: Zoom in and zoom out centered on the current center of the map. You can also use the slider on the left side of the map.

Identify: Click on the map to get details about all of the data at that location

Legend: Display the map legend

3D viewer: Change the map mode to a 3D viewer. Click again to switch back.

Help: Click for additional information about the map.